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Time to discover the TinyBox!

It's a MIDI-USB interface, a MIDI merge box, a smart MIDI filter and router. But it's much more. Thanks to this smart little box you can turn your Behringer FCB1010 into an extremely advanced MIDI controller! It can handle a rack full of gear, don't worry. But you don't need a tech degree to program it. No, just type plain text, get auto-completion help from our smart text editor, and create the most complex setup in no time. That's because we want you to concentrate on what matters: making music... Read on!

Music first...

Our mission with the TInyBox is to offer great features in an affordable package, and let you concentrate on what matters: music !


The days of highly complex setup editors are over. A simple but smart text editor is all you need. And it's free !


Easy to use doesn't mean limited. You don't need to be a programmer at all, but before you know you will be writing those programmer things like "if then else" to create highly flexible setups !


Show real time status of your rig on your laptop? Check! Rather use your iPad as a wireless display instead? Check! The TinyBox can make it all happen - you'll never look back !

The strength of the TinyBox lies in its versatile programming. It lets you do the most complex things with ease: just write down what you need in a smart text editor, and that's it. A drop down menu will assist you where possible. Click the button below to learn more about the advanced programming possibilities of the TinyBox !

No more staring at your feet : use your iPad or other tablet as wireless status display for your FCB1010 ! A clear overview screen shows the names of all presets in the current FCB1010 bank, the type of switches (preset, effect, trigger), the effect states and so on... Keyboard players can even use the iPad touch screen to control their rig, instead of having a real FCB1010 at their feet.

The TinyBox software has a setlist manager built in! Scroll through the setlist with the FCB1010 up/down switches, while your iPad scrolls through song lyrics, tabs or scores, and the TinyBox sends all corresponding MIDI messages for each song.

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