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Meet TinyBox4Kemper !

Do you want to combine your mighty Kemper Profiler with more gear? Need extra MIDI control for your rig? Then the TinyBox4Kemper is your pal. Do you fancy a wireless Kemper status display? See the current performance and effects, or the Kemper tuner, on your laptop, iPad or smartphone? The TinyBox4Kemper can make it happen!

Music first...

A great plus of the Kemper Profiler (besides its unrivaled tone of course) is its great ease of use. Don't spoil that fun just because you want to add some powerful MIDI control to it !

Easy and smart...

Connect the TinyBox4Kemper to your Profiler, and you're good to go! It senses rig or effect changes and sends all the extra MIDI you need, whether you use the Remote or the FCB1010 !

Advanced possibilities...

Multiple channels, MIDI Clock, SysEx, conditional commands... No limits! And programming all this is a breeze, thanks to the text based approach and the smart text editor with "auto-complete" !


Show real time status of your Profiler, including tuner display, on your laptop or (wireless) iPad? The TinyBox4Kemper can make it all happen - you'll never look back ! (pun intended)

Look , a TinyBox powered Profiler ! ...

Kemper Remote or FCB1010

TinyBox4Kemper makes connecting the FCB1010 dead easy using one single cable, but it works flawlessly along with the Kemper Remote too ! 

a wireless iPad / smartphone display

TinyBox4Kemper comes with free webserver software. An iPad or smartphone can connect to that server to show realtime Profiler status 

accompanying webserver software

Connect TinyBox4Kemper to your MacBook or Windows PC through USB. The free software provides an advanced setup editor and can send Profiler status info to a local or remote browser

MIDI to/from Kemper and more

TinyBox forwards all FCB1010 commands to the Profiler through MIDI. Profiler on its turn notifies TinyBox through MIDI about rig and effect changes. Finally TinyBox can send additional MIDI commands via the Profiler to all devices further down the MIDI stream.

JackBox , the ideal TinyBox companion ! ...

Kemper Remote or FCB1010

The JackBox is a perfect companion for the TinyBox4Kemper, no matter if you use the FCB1010 or the Kemper Remote as controller.

Connect 4 expression pedals

The JackBox converts up to 4 regular expression pedals into continuous MIDI controllers. It is compatible with a wide range of potentiometer values, both with linear or audio taper. 

1 single cable at your feet

Just like the (modified) FCB1010, the JackBox requires just 1 single cable for communication and power. All data is transferred digitally, no need to run 4 analog jack cables to your rack!

Result : unlimited expression !

TinyBox4Kemper adds unlimited programming power to the JackBox. Expression pedals can be used to control multiple devices, adjust different parameters for each Profiler rig, and much more.

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