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Time to discover the TinyBox!

It's a MIDI-USB interface. It's a MIDI merge box. It's a smart MIDI filter and router. But it's much more. Thanks to this smart little box creating an advanced MIDI controller has never been easier. It can handle a rack full of gear, don't worry. But you don't need a tech degree to program it. No, just type plain text, get auto-completion help from our smart text editor, and create the most complex setup in no time. That's because we want you to concentrate on what matters: making music... Read on!

Music first...

After a decade of creating the most advanced MIDI controllers, our mission at GORDIUS today is to offer great features in an affordable package, and let you concentrate on what matters: music !


The days of highly complex setup editors are over. A simple but smart text editor is all you need. It runs in the browser, on your laptop, iPad, smartphone,... And it's free !


Easy to use doesn't mean limited. You don't need to be a programmer at all, but before you know you will be writing those programmer things like "if then else" to create highly flexible setups !


Show real time status of your rig on your laptop? Check! Rather use your iPad as a wireless display instead? Check! The TinyBox can make it all happen - you'll never look back !

The strength of the TinyBox lies in its versatile programming. It lets you do the most complex things with ease: just write down what you need in a smart text editor, and that's it. A drop down menu will assist you where possible. Click the button below to learn more about the advanced programming possibilities of the TinyBox !

No more staring at your feet ! How about a nice big status display for your rig ? We're working on it ! Here you see a snapshot of the dedicated remote iPad display for a Kemper Profiler, hosted by the TinyBox4Kemper and its accompanying free software. For the TinyBox we plan to make a fully customizable status display system which can fit everybody's needs. Stay tuned for more info !  

Stay informed !

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